Best Coffee?

Every coffee shop you go to, they tend to tell you they buy the best coffee beans and every coffee roaster will say they search the world for the best coffee and source sustainably. But how can everyone all serve the best coffee. I wouldn't say we have the best coffee. There are lots of coffee roasters out there that have amazing coffee. I choose Cat and Cloud for their philosophy on operating a company and also because they have amazing coffee.

In my journey through coffee. I tried my hand at home roasting and kept going for lighter profiles, because from the things I read it seemed like coffee tastes best light. But when I let my friend try my coffee they would not like it. It was just too sour and too far from what they thought coffee tasted like.
One example is I bought a bag of geisha to share with my friends. The taste profile said Jasmine tea and we did taste the tea. But my friend commented: if I want to pay this much for Jasmine tea flavour why don't I just buy actual Jasmine tea.

That changed the way I thought about how I should approach coffee. If the coffee has a taste so far apart from what traditional coffee taste, people will simply be confused. It's like when Tesla was designing electric cars they had to keep it the traditional car shape so people can easily understand how to use the car.
Coffee has to be approachable. Cat and cloud roasting at medium darkness is exactly that.

Plus their company has a employee ownership program that tries to give their employees a way to choose coffee as a career. Instead of the regular part time barista doing it when he/she's going through university.