Brazil Fazenda Rainha Pulp Natural

Brazil Fazenda Rainha Pulp Natural


Straight peanut butter and jelly…continued. The specific lots of coffee and farms that we bring in for this menu slot may change throughout the year as the seasons change, but we love offering (and drinking!) a coffee with this flavour profile, so you can expect to see something fresh and delicious from this region of Brazil on our menu for most of the year.

Fazenda Rainha is located in Brazil’s Vale da Grama, an ancient volcanic valley that spans the borderlands of Mogiana and Minas Gerais. We love coffees grown in old volcanic areas, as the (relative) newness of the soil is full of nutrients. The rolling hillsides of the farm produce trees lush with green leaves and plump, juicy, Yellow Bourbon cherries. A repeat finalist in the Brazil Cup of Excellence, Fazenda Rainha took home first place in 2011. Their commitment to excellence is apparent in every cup.

Origin // Brazil

Region // Vale da Grama

Farm // Fazenda Rainha

Variety // Yellow Bourbon

Elevation // 1150 - 1350 masl

Process // Pulped Natural

Flavour Notes // Straight Peanut Butter & Jelly

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